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Michele Farley takes over as new WTA President for the 2014-2015 school year.


Supreme Court makes ruling in Harris V Quinn case.  Court rules narrowly keeping Agency Fee in place for public sector, but stated that nurses (Harris) are not considered public section employees and don't have to pay agency fees.







Welcome to the Wayne Teachers' Association (WTA) web site. The WTA represents teaching and professional personnel in the Wayne Central School District.  The Wayne Central School district is located in the towns of Ontario and Walworth, New York.  The purpose of this organization (WTA) is to promote the interests of public education, advance the standards of the teaching profession, promote the general welfare of its members, and inform membership of the pertinent activities of the local, state, and national associations.

The WTA is involved in many community service programs, which include both the Weisenreder and Scholarship funds.  The Weisenreder fund is the WTA’s primary vehicle for community outreach.  Through this fund the WTA donates money to students and families in need or crisis.  This year alone over 30 families of students in the Wayne Central School District have already received contributions from the Weisenreder fund.  Through the Scholarship fund the WTA provides financial assistance to students pursing a career in education.  A citizenship award is also given annually at each building. 

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